Dirk Friel and his riding partner were riding as far to the right as possible. Riding in line on the tiny 10 inch bit of paved shoulder. But that wasn’t good enough for this nut job. He followed them for five minutes blaring his horn. He could have easily gone by them. But no. He holds up other cars, making them go around him. And according the comments on the video, this guy has allegedly harrased other cyclists too. It would have freaked me out to have a crazy person like this in a 4000 vehicle stalking me and honking the horn continuously. Not sure I would have been as calm and cool as these guys were. What’s difference if someone is pointing a gun at you, or a 4000 pound SUV that easily turn you into road kill? An inexperienced cyclist, might have panicked and fallen into the path and SUV! Police have been contacted and I hope they do something with this butt munch! Bikes have a legal right to be on the road. I have seen some people posts that cyclists should ride on the side walks. But in many places THAT is illegal.
The Colorado Police have been notified and they were going to contact the driver of the SUV. I read a post on another site saying the driver lived in Erie, Colorado. His name has not been released. Probably because he would have hundreds of cyclists harassing him at his house.
Follow up: 75-year-old? James Ernst of Erie, Colo. is charged with two counts of harassment, one count of impeding the flow of traffic, and one count of improper use of a horn or warning device.