I had debated about what type of computer to get for my tri-bike. I was looking at the Garmin Edge 305, Cateye V3, and the polar CS 100 B. The Garmin Edge 305 looked interesting, but I had read a bunch of reviews from people who had issues with it. That it would just suddenly reset randomly. The polar CS 100 B. was the cheapest but other people and also reported that the sensor would sometimes not work. I finally settled on the Cateye V3 which was more expensive than the CS 100 but cheaper than the Garmin Edge 305. Thus far I’ve been pretty happy with the Cateye V3. It has some idiosyncrasies that have taken a bit of getting used to from my other bike computers. For instance, if I’m out for a ride to and I stop to take a break for maybe five or ten minutes, and get back on the road, the bike may stop registering speed and cadence. When this first happened I thought the bike computer and the wireless speed cadence sensor had gotten out of sync, so I would go through the computer and work on resyncing them. I had believed this was a problem with the computer and I contacted Cateye, they told me to send back the old sensor and they’d ship me a new one. So I shipped the old one back and they shipped me the new one I hooked it up and found I had the same issue. What I eventually found was the computer that read the sensor had been going to sleep. And if I pressed one of the buttons on the computer it would wake up and start reading the speed and cadence again. Another issue I have had is with the speed cadence sensor shifting very slightly to where the pickup’s start contacting the magnets. But that is probably an issue of installation and I just need to go back and redo it and clamp it down tighter to the chain stay. But overall I have been very happy with the Cateye V3 bike computer. I enjoy having the heart rate monitor, which makes it very useful for training rides and keeping myself in specific heart rate zones.