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I have been wanting to replace the front derailleur on my old Trek 1000. The derailler it came with was the original stock Suntour Blaze. Many of the other components on the bike had already been ugraded. I had bought a Shimano 105 front derailleur (FD-5600) at one point, but it was a newer one designed for the newer narrower 9/10 speed chains. But it was the only Shimano 105 I could find that had a clamp size of 34.9mm. There were some other derailleurs from that period, but they were for frames with braze fittings on the frame
I had given up for a while on replacing the front derailleur. But then I discovered that Shimano make a Braze On Adaptor for a 34.9mm seat tube! Sweet! And I could buy the fitting for under $15. Then I would be able to use any of the older braze-on front derailleurs. I ordered the adaptor. Then I started looking for front derailluers. I decided to get a Shimano Ultegra braze-on front derailluer. Actually, at the time, the Ultregra stuff was called Shimano 600. But it’s Ultegra. I got a great deal on a Shimano 600 (Ultegra) fd-6401 front derailleur. With shipping, it cost $15. Both the clamp braze on adaptor and the derailleur came extraodinarily fast. Installation was easy. Now I have an Ultegra front derailleur. I am looking at upgrading the rear 105 derailluer to Ultegra as well. And maybe the brakes, and shifters if I can find good deals on them.

My brake levers came! I had to remove the old handle bars first. Since I was replacing the handle bars, stem, and brake levers, I didn’t need to worry about removing one of the brake levers in order to slide off the old stem. I did however remove the handle bar tape so I could remove the brake cable housings which were under the handlebar tape. I wasn’t worried about the brake cables, and just cut those.
Once I remove the handlebar tape, I pulled off the brake cable housings, then loosened the quill stem, and removed it from the steerer tube.
I bought some new brake cable housings, so I removed the old brake cable housings and cut new ones the same length.
The brake cable housing for the rear brake runs through the top tube. Trying the get the housing back in was a pain. I knew I wouldn’t easily be able to get the housing to come back out the far side. So I ran a brake cable into the top tube, and was trying to get it to come out the other side. My plan was to stick a small wire loop in the far hole, and try to catch the wire and pull it out. But that wasn’t working. But in my playing with it, the cable mananged to come out the hole on it’s own. I ran the cable housing down the cable, and used the cable to guide it out the far hole.
I mounted the stem that came off my Jamis tri-bike onto the threadless adaptor. Then I mounted the adaptor into the steerer tube. I mounted the handle bars to the stem. Then I mounted the Cane Creek levers on the handlebars. I wasn’t sure of where they would be best positioned. So I punted. I know that on older bars, you generally wanted an approximate straight line along the flat part of the botton of the drops to the bottom of the levers. I wasn’t sure on these new style bars and levers.
I ran the brake cables and hooked up the brakes. I roughed out the position of the handle bars. Then using electrical tape, and taped the brake cable housings to the handle bars. There was a slot along the inside of the bars for the brake cable housing the route through.
I had some black Bontrager cork handlebar tape, but I didn’t retape the bars yet. I had a bike fitting coming up, and I thought he might want to adjust the position of the brake levers. I would re-tape the handle bars after the fitting.

My new Bontrager Race handlebars came today via priority mail. And my new Profile Design threadless adaptor came yesterday. I was a little worried about whether I ordered the right size, but it is perfect. I was surprised how small the box was. But it was in there.

I have some new Cane Creek SCR-5 brake levers coming probably Tuesday. I originally planned to reinstall the diacompe Blaze brake levers. But then I stumbled over these ergo shaped levers. I can’t wait for them to come! I am excited to upgrade the handlebars on my old Trek 1000. I already have some black Bontrager handlebar tape. Part of me is thinking of change the color though. White might look good. But it would probably look dirty quickly. Maybe Red. I had red on there before. Maybe I will stick with black.

I am still keeping an eye out for a carbon seat post, and an Ultegra rear derailleur. The carbon post with help dampen vibrations from the road. Right now I have aluminum fork, frame, seat post, and handlebars. So vibrations would come right up. And I currently have a Shimano 105 derailleur. The barrel adjuster is bent a little. But the thing works well. Maybe I willl just replace the adjuster. But if I find a good deal on an Ultegra derailleur…

I recently ordered a threadless stem adaptor for my old 1990 Trek 1000. Then I decided that since I would have to strip the handlebars down to get the old quill stem off, unless I want to destroy the old stem, I might as well replace the handle bars with new style ergo type handlebars. I found some Bontrager Race handlebars on ebay.
I was interested in how best to install the older style brake levers on the newer style handlebars. I normally see brifters (brake levers/shifters) on these. I was searching, and stumbled over some new style brake levers that are larger and resemble the brifters. The one post I found was comparing the Cane Creek SCR-5 brake levers with the Tektro R200A brake levers. The posts were saying the innards of the Cane Creek brake levers and the Tektro were the same, but that the Tektro levers were less expensive. I have seen Cane Creek stuff on nicer bikes, while the Tektro stuff seems to be cheaper. So I was surprised that the brake levers were the same. But I looked at pictures and they looked pretty the same. The hood was slightly different.
I searched and found the Tektro R200A brake levers at JensonUSA. I ordered a pair. But I continued to search for information. But I found a reference to the Tektro R200A brake levers being the version for small hands. And that the Tektro R200 was the standard size. I knew Cane Creek had a compact version of the SCR-5 brake levers called SCR-5C brake levers which are made for small hands. I called Jenson USA to ask them. The guy didn’t seem to know much. But I did learn that the Tektro R200A were back ordered. And they didn’t sell the Tektro R200 brake levers. I canceled my order for the Tektro R200A brake levers, and ordered the Cane Creek SCR-5 brake levers. They were about $10 more, but I will get them sooner, and they should fit my hands better. And Cane Creek is a better brand anyway. It will look better on my bike.

I pulled the handlebars off of my homemade project cyclocross bike and cleaned them up. This took a little time with a rag and naptha to remove all of the sticky tape residue. After the bar was cleaned up, I took a closer look and thought the drops were a little small. It’s a nice bar made by Specialized though. I did some research and discovered that this very likely a handlebar designed for women. So the drops are small for smaller hands.
I decided to hunt down new handlebars. I checked out eBay and was watching various auctions. I could have used my old handlebars. But I figured that since I am pulling everything off, it would be a good opportunity to change to nice new ergo type handlebars.
I was most interested in handlebars made by Bontrager since that is what the new Trek bikes generally have. Carbon would have been nice, but I didn’t want to pay that much. I already have a stem that came off my Jamis. So I was hoping the find a set of Bontrager ergo style handlebars with a 26mm diameter clamp area. I could have gotten a good deal on some handle bars with a 31.8mm clamp area, but then I would have had to buy another clamp. I found a Bontrager Select handlebar. But research showed this to come off of recreational bikes. That might have been okay. I was hoping for something more designed for a race bike.
I finally did a buy-it-now on a set of Bontrager Race handlebars. I got them for $19 plus shipping. I looked them un and they normally sell for about $40. So I guess I got a decent deal. Not as good of a deal as if I have gotten the Bontrager Race X Lite handlebars with the 31.8 clamp. But then I would have had to buy another stem. And chances are, I will have to replace that stem when I get my bike fitted.

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