Continued from Part 2

Next came the section around Conesus Lake which is one of the Finger Lakes. It was about 10 miles from Lakeville to the south end of the lake. This was on the east side of the lake. This stretch was hard. The road surface was poor. The road went up and down. Not enough to be rolling hills, but enough to find it hard to get a rhythm going. As I got to the end of this road, I saw the arrow said left turn. I got around the corner and stopped. I pulled out my map. I knew I was supposed to take a right at the south end of the lake. Maybe the road went left, and then continued south farther. That didn’t make sense. I read write up, and found I was supposed to turn right, not left. I rode back, looked at the arrow, and sure enough, it was a right arrow, but some over spray at glance made it look like a left arrow.

I rode to the next rest stop which was at about 70.5 miles, and stopped for a few. There was a girl with a cowbell. I pointed out the “I Gotta Have More Cowbell” on the back of my LVM21 jersey. I got her to take a picture of me holding the cow bell. More Cow Bell!

2009 Tour De Cure

I started riding north on the west side of the lake. The road surface was better. It was defiantly more up and down. Pretty soon I was back at the rest stop in Lakeville which was now about the 79.6 mile mark. I stopped at the gas station and got another Pepsi. I ate the second half of my club wrap. I also got another bowl of the macaroni salad. I also used the rest room here. It was the rest room in the fire station, and not a porta potty.
The guy with the Cervelo P2C was here as well. I left the rest stop with him and some other guys.
I talked to the tri guy for a bit. He was training for the Lake Placid Ironman which he had done multiple times. He had an M-Dot Ironman logo tattoo on his leg. He had also done the Boston Marathon multiple times and does about 7 or 8 marathons a year. He told me about how he got his Cervelo P2C on eBay for $1300. Sweet! Awesome deal! I rode with these guys for a while. I even joined their pace line for a bit. But it was very yo yo for me. Because at times I would coast, and would be going faster than they would be going, so I would coast up along side of them till they caught up, and I would fall back in. After the next major turn, I passed them, and lost them for a while.
The next rest stop was in Lima at the 89.7 mile mark. There was a sweet downhill section coming down into Lima. I was down on my aerobars, and coasted past some road bikes. There was a white arrow indicating a left turn here I was getting ready to fly around the corner till I saw the rest stop. I slammed on my brakes and skidded to a stop. I rested my bike against the wall. There were a couple kids staring at my bike. Their father said they had never seen a bike with 4 handlebars before. The guys I had lost had caught up with me. I pointed out the Cervelo P2C to the kids and said it was a way cooler bike than mine. I didn’t stay at this stop for more than a couple minutes. I left this stop with the guys again. We rode north to Honeoye Falls. As we passed through town, I spotted a dog on the side of the road. I asked one of the guys if he wanted to race it. He said he wanted to tie a leash to it, and have it pull him to the park. I asked if he had every seen American Flyers. He said he loved that movie. I yelled out “Hey Eddie, you coming”. Him and another guy right on cue, quoted a few lines from that scene of the movie. It was hilarious.
There was a nice down hill section that I coasted down at over 40 mph. I lost the guys again. The hills in the last 10 miles were bigger than much of the rest of the course. But my legs were actually feeling stronger now. I was catching and passing more people now. Then there was the turn into the park. There was a guy on a road bike ahead of me. I was slowly catching him. There were a few little ups and downs. A truck passed me. Then we hit a downhill. I got down on the aerobars, and flew by the truck to come up behind the other rider. I passed him on the next uphill. There was another rider up ahead. I wanted to see if I could catch him before the finish. There were rolling hills with more up than down. I closed the distance, and then passed him to. Then there was the turn into parking lot. It was a downhill. There was another guy just ahead of me. There were signs saying slow down. Screw that. I was down on the aerobars, and flew passed this last guy, and skidded to a stop at the finish. I finished the ride in 6 hours and 55 minutes. Only about 5 hours and 45 minutes were actually on the bike. I finished faster than I did last year which was cool.
I parked my bike against a tree and made my way up to get food. Lunch was served by the Outback restaurant. I got a Caesar salad and a small steak. Yum!
I hadn’t gotten a t-shirt when I signed in, so I went back to the tent and managed to get one. I also signed up for a massage. The ladies there were funny, oohhing and ahhing over the couple of us who had done 100 miles. The massage loosened up my neck. They had a Rolling Stones tribute band playing. I watch them for a few, and then went and loaded up my car. As I was putting stuff a away, another rider was walking passed with his bike and friends/family. One of the people said “hey look, a hill!” The cycling commented “I hate hills”. I yelled over “Hills are our friends” and laughed.
I went home and took a nap. I kept thinking what it would be like to ride another 12 miles, and then to run a marathon. Hmmm… I guess I will find out less than three months.

Thank you again to my sponsors!