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My friends suggested that I try the Shimano SPD clipless system.

I figured out that the clipless pedals that I got with my recumbent bike are SPD pedals (Shimano PD m635). I will need to get cleats. I will stop at bike shop and investigate shoes. I will probably also want to look into getting another set of of pedals so I can have them both on my road bike and my mountain bike.

I don’t know anything about shoes and the pedals you clip into. Don’t they call them clipless pedals? What the??? On my road bike I have the little cages and straps on my pedals. Seems like these should be called clipless pedals…but whatever. I think they have road shoes, and mountain bike shoes. There are different types of pedals. Where do I begin? DO I buy the pedals, then the shoes, or the shoes then the pedals. Does it matter? Do I need certain types of shoes for certain types of pedals? Should I get road shoes of MB shoes? What kind of pedals? I have some of these pedals that came with my recumbent bike (not attached). They didn’t come with the part that clips into them. Does this come with the shoes? Or would need to buy this separatly?

Do I even need shoes/clipless pedals?

Most of my riding is done on a wind trainer. I have done a 50 mile road ride. I have done 2 off-road duathlons. I am doing a mountain bike race. Should I get both kinds? What brands?

I don’t want to spend a lot.

I found this and it sounded interesting:

It says mountain bikes/cross bikes only. The whole course seems to be on roads, but most of the roads are dirt roads/seaonal use roads/tractor trails. The description mentions easy single track, but following the write up of the course, I didn’t see where there were any. Maybe on the shorter courses?

I am planning on riding my mountain bike, but will put on narrower cross tires. I currently have a pair of Panaracers that are 26×1.25. But there isn’t much tread on them. They are more road tires. They might work though. I ordered a pair of Schwalbe CX Pro Sport 26×1.35 tires. There are more cyclocross tires with a knobby tread. These would probably work pretty well. I will probably try mounting these and see what kind of rolling resistance they have.

I will probably try mounting my aerobars as well. I haven’t used them on my mountain bike yet.

Check out the course profile:

It should be fun.

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