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2 Seconds

2 Seconds

SUMMARY: The movie is mostly in French with English subtitles. I enjoyed it. I would have loved to have seen more downhill mountain bike racing like in the beginning scenes.

I stumbled over this movie while looking for something else at You gotta love the recommendations sometimes. First, be aware that this movie is mostly in French, but there are English subtitles. The main character is a pro mountain bike racer. She races downhill. There is a great scene in the beginning of the movie showing the downhill racing. She hesitates for two seconds at the start gate before going. She ends up losing the race by two seconds. She gets fired from the team by the manager who thinks she is too old.
She moves in with her brother and gets a job as a bike messenger. But she often gets distracted in her love of riding the bike. She also meets this older guy who runs a bike shop. He is a former pro bike racer (Tour De France, Giro De Italia). They kind of start a weird friendship. He tells a stroy of how he passed up a beautiful girl to win a race and never saw her again. This was his life’s regret. The girl racer ends up meeting someone. It’s an interesting cycling movie. I would have loved to have seen more of the downhill mountain bike racing like at the beginning.

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I have been training for a marathon…well, marathons. I am currently training for my 5th marathon. Anyway, I have also done a couple duathlons. I would love to try a triathlon, but I don’t swim well at all. I remember when I did my first duathlon. It was an off-road duathlon which consisted of a 2 mile cross country run, followed by a 10 mile bike ride, and another 2 mile run. One thing that sticks out was the transition. I got off the bike, and tried to run. My legs were suddenly stiff, and I felt like I was running and doing a Frankenstein impression at the same time. My second duathlon was better since I knew what to expect.
I am currently reading a book titled Transformed By Triathlon. In the book the woman starts training for her first traihtlon. Her spinning teacher/coach advises here to run for 10 minutes after she finishes spinning. Hmmm…that sounded like a pretty good idea.
So last night I was going to do my spinning workout. I decided to try Spinervals Fitness 3.0-Enter The Red Zone. I hadn’t done that one before. It was a pretty good workout, but I think some of the other Spinervals workouts are more intense. The whole workout of was done in only two gearings. Either Small Ring/15, or Big Ring/15. It did have some squats in there too. But one of the other workouts had much more intense squats.
Anyway, I did the 58 minutes workout up to the last 5 minutes when the cooldown started. I got off the bike, and went to my treadmill. I then ran for 10 minutes at a 10:00 minute/mile pace…or 1 mile. I chose the 10:00 pace since that is an “easy” run for me. I didn’t want to do a serious running workout as it was a recovery day from running. At first, I was a little worried about whether I would be able to keep up with the treadmill. But as the minutes went by, my legs relaxed.
I think it was a good workout. I am going to try to do this after all my spinning workouts.

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