I went to pick up the Lightning Stealth recumbent bike that I bought on eBay yesterday for $280. I told the guy I would be there about 8am, and since it was about a 45 minute drive, I had to get up pretty early for a Sunday morning.
I was hoping that the bike would fit in my Honda Civic. When I saw the bike, it looked like it probably would fit. The seller helped me remove the seat. We also removed the pedals from the cranks. The handlebars also came off (it looks like newer models have a hinged steering column). I had the back seat in my car folded down. Fortunatly, the bike slid right in.
When I got home, I started to put the bike together. The previous owner had installed a fender over the rear tire. The fender actually came from a different bike. He also installed a small aluminum rack. I removed this as well. I reattached the seat. There was a wired bike computer mount on the handlebars running down to the front fork (no bike computer). I removed the mounting. Maybe I will install a wireless unit.
I am still not sure about the details of the bike. Like what year the bike was made. It has a 7 speed freewheel/cassette on the back. I found details for a 2000 Lightning Stealth, and it had 8 speed rear cogs. So I am guessing mine might be a 1999 model? I am not sure when they started making the Stealth bike. They still make it, but under the name Lightning Phantom.
I was hoping to take it out for a ride today, but with an aikido class, and a karate class, and really rotten weather, it didn’t happen.
Lightning Stealth Recumbent Bike