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I have been reading a book titled Flying Scotsman which is an autobiography by Graeme Obree. Out of curiousity, I did a search for Graeme Obree’s name on You Tube, and found a movie trailer for a movie titled The Flying Scotsman! I hadn’t even realised that the movie existed. There aren’t that many cycling related movies at all. The best two are American Flyers, and Breaking Away. So now there is another movie.
The book is pretty interesting. He goes from a troubled youth, to setting world records. I love the descriptions of him building his custom bikes. The trailer looks like it follows the book. I love the little bit where the officials are hassleing him about his seat not being 5cm behind the centerline of the bottom bracket, so he cuts the front of the seat with a hack saw. And when they ban his special riding postion, he mocks them by revealing a new bike with training wheels.
The DVD is due to be released next month, so I pre-ordered it.
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I bought a Shimano 105 front derailleur (FD5600) from a local guy on eBay for $19. It came off a 2007 Cannondale. I saved shipping by picking it up. I installed it on my 17 year old Trek 1000. But the chain would rub in the inside of the cage when the chain line turned this way or that. I adjusted it the best i could.
Then it occurred to me that the 2007 Cannondale likely had a 10 speed cassette on the back and a narrower chain. That my fat 7 speed chain was just too fat for this derailleur. I did a search on Google, and sure enough, the FD5600 is apparently designed for a 10 speed chain. If I want a Shimano 105 front derailluer, I think I want the FD1050. So I will keep an eye out on eBay for one.
So int he mean time, I removed the Shimano 105 front derailleur and reinstalled the Suntour Blaze derailleur which is original to the bike. The shift cable is just barely long enough, so I will probably replace that tonight with a fresh cable.

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