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I was scheduled for 30 minutes of crosstraining lastnight (for my marathon training), so I rode my bike on the rollers for 30 minutes. I was sweating like anything. But it was fun. I was watching a Sandra Bollock movie. But I was thinking it might be cool to watch one of those DVDs where they show the scenery like you are really riding. Or maybe one of those DVDs like you are in a spin class (I have never actually been in a spin class).
Anyway, I remembered seeing some of these DVDs while I was looking for the move The Flying Scotsman. I went abck to Amazont to look. ONe that looked intriguing was titled Rides Volume 2 – Las Vegas Cycling Fitness. My dad lives out in the Las Vegas area during the winter months, and I can only imagine riding a bike over the hills (mountains?) from Vegas to Pahrump. Anyway, the video is a group ride in Fire State Park (not sure where that is). It got a couple great reviews. It could make my indoor training a little more interesting. So I ordered a copy. I am looking forward to trying it out. I will need to be careful that I don’t get too caught up and try to follow the turns on my rollers. I may need to use my wind trainer.

When I got my Trek 1000 used on eBay, the handlebar tape looked like crap. It was dirty white and worn, with first aid tape. I striped it off, and bought some red cork tape, and after reading different ways how to wrap the bars, I applied the red tape. The red tape tape when stretched actually looked kind of pink-ish. I thought it still looked red, but not the red of the markings on my bike.
I rode my bike in a recent 50 miler, and afterwards decided I wanted to try something different. I want to see what it would look like with black tape. I bought some black cork tape, pulled the old red tape off, and wrapped the bars. It came out pretty good. It was a bit thick around the brake levers though. But then I saw an article in Bicycling Magazine about how to tape the handle bars. They did it a bit differently, but I liked hwo they did it.
I attempted to unwrap the black tape, and then to re-wrap it, the tape with the adhesive back got trashed during the unwrapping process. Grrrrr.
So the next day I bought some new tape. This time, I spent a little more, and bought some better tape, with a non-adhesive backing. Last night, I removed the wrecked taped, cleaned the handlebars, and wrapped the bars with the new tape. They came out great! I video’d the process of wrapping the handlebars, and uploaded it to YouTube: How To Wrap Bicycle Handlebar Tape.

I have been reading a book titled Flying Scotsman which is an autobiography by Graeme Obree. Out of curiousity, I did a search for Graeme Obree’s name on You Tube, and found a movie trailer for a movie titled The Flying Scotsman! I hadn’t even realised that the movie existed. There aren’t that many cycling related movies at all. The best two are American Flyers, and Breaking Away. So now there is another movie.
The book is pretty interesting. He goes from a troubled youth, to setting world records. I love the descriptions of him building his custom bikes. The trailer looks like it follows the book. I love the little bit where the officials are hassleing him about his seat not being 5cm behind the centerline of the bottom bracket, so he cuts the front of the seat with a hack saw. And when they ban his special riding postion, he mocks them by revealing a new bike with training wheels.
The DVD is due to be released next month, so I pre-ordered it.
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I bought a Shimano 105 front derailleur (FD5600) from a local guy on eBay for $19. It came off a 2007 Cannondale. I saved shipping by picking it up. I installed it on my 17 year old Trek 1000. But the chain would rub in the inside of the cage when the chain line turned this way or that. I adjusted it the best i could.
Then it occurred to me that the 2007 Cannondale likely had a 10 speed cassette on the back and a narrower chain. That my fat 7 speed chain was just too fat for this derailleur. I did a search on Google, and sure enough, the FD5600 is apparently designed for a 10 speed chain. If I want a Shimano 105 front derailluer, I think I want the FD1050. So I will keep an eye out on eBay for one.
So int he mean time, I removed the Shimano 105 front derailleur and reinstalled the Suntour Blaze derailleur which is original to the bike. The shift cable is just barely long enough, so I will probably replace that tonight with a fresh cable.

I bought my 1990 Trek 1000 used, and it had already had some upgrades. The read derailleur and shifters had been upgraded to Shimano 105. The front derailleur was still the original Suntour Blaze unit. I found an auction for a Shimano 105 FD-5600 on ebay, that was local and had the same clamp size as my seat tube. It came off a 2007 Cannondale bike. I won the auction. I picked up, and installed it on my bike. I had a heck of a time trying the ajudt it so the chain wouldn’t rub when I shifted gears in various combinations. Then it dawned on me that the 2007 Cannondale bike probably had a 10 speed type chain that was narrower than my 7 speed chain. Maybe that was why it was running. I did a search, and sure enough the FD5600 seems to be made for a 10 speed shifting system. So I am will put that derailluer off, and reinstall the older Suntour deraileur. I was searching around, and I think that a Shimano 105 FD-1050 front derailleur may with with my setup. I will search ebay to see if I can find one that will fit my bike.

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