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I took my bike out for a ride. Amazingly this was the first time I have had a chance to take my Trek 1000 out for a ride (other than up and down the road in front of our house) since I bought it on eBay in early winter. I considered taking it for a nice 11-12 mile ride, but didn’t a bottle cage for it. And it was pretty warm out, warm enough that I didn’t want to go for a long ride without water. So I decided to take a shorter 3 mile ride down to the end of a nearby road and back. It is hilly with a couple spots being a steep climb. I threw a cold Diet Pepsi in the fanny pack and took off. I climbed up to the highest point, then began a rapid descent hitting I am guessing between 40-50 miles per hour. I wish I had installed the bike computer so I would know how fast I got going. I passed a couple other cyclists chugging up the hill. Not sure what the thought of the site of me, since I was wearing denim shorts, and t-shirt, and a yellow Campagnolo cycling cap. LOL! Probably not your typical cyclist. Anyway, I flew down to bottom of the hill. I stopped, drank my cold Diet Pepsi, and began the climb back up the hill. Even in the lowest gear, it still was a lot of work. Once I got to the top of the steepest section and the uphill part wasn’t quite so steep, it was actually enjoyable. I made my way home, feeling like I had gotten my butt kicked. I went back later with my GPS to measure the elevation of the high and low points of the hills. I figured out there was about 415 feet of climbing during my short 3 mile ride. Yeah, I live in a hilly area. What is scary is there will be about 7500 feet on climbing during my century ride in august. My piddly 415 was only little over 5% of that! Ouch. I gotta get out and ride more hills between now and then!!!!

My Brooks B17 saddle came today. I was excited to try it out. It came in something like a shoebox. Nice! The Proofride and seat tensioning wrench I ordered were in the box with the seat. I wiped the Proofride on both the top side and bottom side of the seat. I let it dry on the seat, then wiped it off. I removed the seat from my Trek 1000, and installed the Brooks seat. I removed the bike from my wind trained and found the tires were a little low. I pumped them up, and took the bike out for a ride. The seat out the box was more comfortable then the seat I had on the bike. It still is not as comfortable as the Velo gel seat I have on my Cyclocross bike. After my quick 3 mile ride, I put the bike back on the wind trainer. I have ridden the bike a couple more times on the trainer. I also applied some more Proofride. I am looking forward to seeing how the saddle feels after I get it broken in. I hope it breaks in quickly. I am signed up for a century bike ride in August, and hope it will be broken in by then. If not, I will pull the Velo gel seat off my other bike, and use it. I want to be comfortable for my 100 mile ride!
Also, I am wondering. I have ridden it so far just wearing denim shorts. I may buy some lycra bike shorts which have padding. Will it make a difference to breaking in the seat between the non-padded shorts and the padded shorts?

I signed up for my first century bike ride today. I am planning of riding my Trek 1000. But the seat that came on my Trek 1000 when I got it was a Ritchie Logic. It is hard and very uncomfortable. It is actually the only seat that I have really disliked. I have a gel seat on my cyclo-cross bike. I debated about switching it to my Trek 100, but I decided just to get a new seat. I have heard a lot of people raving about Brooks saddles. They are leather and break in to fit you perfectly, and are supposed to be very comfortable. I know some of the Brooks saddles have double rails and require a special seat post bracket. But I didn’t want to mess with that. I knew some of the newer ones had single rails. So I searched around found the Brooks B17 Standard. It is a less expensive version of another Brooks saddle. I am not so concerned about weight that I am counting grams. Yes the Brooks saddle is heavier than some seats, but if it is more comfortable for a 100 mile ride, that will more than make up for a small amount of weight. So I ordered the Brooke B17 Saddle. It cost $52, plus shipping. I ordered some Proofride with is stuff that you rub into the leather to keep it soft. I also ordered the special wrench that is required to tighten the leather when it needs it.

I have been wanting to ride a century for a long time! Now I have a good bike, and have been getting into shape. I have run a couple marathons, so I think I can handle a century ride. I saw a flyer at the local bike shop advertising a upcoming bike ride event that includes a century ride as well as a few shorter rides. The ride falls right on my birthday. I took that as a sign. My longest ride is recent history has maybe been 10-15 miles. And it was no sweat. Compared to running, riding is easy! Geez, you can coast. And you can cover a lot of distance with little effort. The hard would be hills. Anyway, I signed up to ride the 100 mile ride. It’s not until August, so I have plenty of time to get some training. I ordered a new seat for my road bike. The one that was on the bike when I got it was kind of hard and uncomfortable. So I ordered a new seat.

I finished the Trek 700 for my wife…well enough for her to take a short test ride. Going up a small hill, she shifted into the lowest gear, and still had difficulty getting up the hill. The largest cog on the freewheel is 28 teeth. Okay, she is not in the greatest shape either… My Trek 700 came with a Shimano Megarange freewheel and derailleur, so my had plenty of low gearing. I tried putting the old Megarange freewheel on her bike, but it was obvious that the derailleur was not made for a freewheel that big. I figured out that if I want to use a Megarange freewheel, I will have to get a Megarange derailleur. I have seen them popping up on ebay, but haven’t wanted to spend $25 for one. But yesterday there was a list for Megarange derailleur (RD-TY23) for about $5 plus $8.50 shipping. And the thing is new! Way cool! I bought one! Now I am hoping that it is a 7 speed derailleur! I know there was a 6 speed version of Megarange stuff. Some googling seems indicate this will work for either 6 speed or 7 speed.
The shifting should work fine. The deraileur is SIS and the stuff on my wife’s bike is SIS.

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