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While across town, I stopped into the a clearance store for the local sporting good store. I was looking mainly for a running hat, but I was surprised to find they had a ton of bike stuff. And I was really surprised when I found a whole load of Pedro’s cone wrenches!!!! The good ones with the yellow handles. And they were all 40% off the lowest ticket price! I ended buy two 13mm wrenches, two 14mm wrenches, two 16mm wrenches, a 32mm wrench, and a 36mm wrench. The two biggest cost about $4.50 each, and the smaller ones cost about $2.50 each! I also bought a bottom bracket tool. I have a Park Tools version, but I got this one dirt cheap, so I have a backup. And I also bought a Predro’s freewheel remover. Again, I have a Park Tools freewheel remover, but I got a backup at a price I could’t turn down!
Then I got a small bottle of Pedro’s lubricant!
I had been thinking about ordering a set of the Pedros wrenches! I have even been watching and eBay auction. Now I just need to buy a couple 15mm wrenches. I have a cheap Park Tools 15mm/16mm wrench that will work for now.

Today as we were heading off to drop off our dog at the kennel, I saw a bike that had been put out to the curb. I stopped to look at it. It turned out to be a Nashbar mountain bike. Since I had my wife in the car, and the dog in the back seat, and the trunk was full, I couldn’t just grab the whole thing. I looked over the parts, and quickly grabbed the seat and seat post. My wife’s bike needs a new seatpost. She needs a 27.2 mm post.
On the way home, I pass the bike again. But I considered, and there were no parts that I really NEEDED off the bike other that the seat post. I already have too many bikes. But if it have been a better quality road bike, I might have considered taking the whole thing.
When we got home, I tried the post on her bike, but it was too small. The seat was also a cheap seat in poor condition. So a little later as I passed the bike again, I through the seat/seatpost back onto the bike in case someone else wanted it. If I had had tools, I might have snagged a few components such as the Shimano cantilever brakes.

I overhauled both the front and rear hubs on my wifes Trek bike. But the rear hub was a headache. I have reassembled the thing initially, and it didn’t spin smoothly. I took it apart, and reassembled it. I would tighten the cones, and it would feel like it was starting to bind, so I would back off the cones, and the axle would have some play…too much play! It was driving me nuts. I hub the dust covers with the hollow side in, but I noticed the from had the hollow sides out, so I tried that. It seemed a little better. When I mounted the wheel on the bike, there was still way too much play. I think the rubbing I am feeling is the dust cover which is jammed onto the cone. So the cone is not fully resting against the bearings.
So I had some time last night. I took the wheel off, and partly disassembled the rear hub again. I did one side at a time, leaving the bearings in place. I removed the lock nut, spacer, cone, and dust cover. I used a flat tip screw driver to cake some grease on to the bearings. I inserted the dust cover hollow side in. I screwed the cone onto the axle. When it engaged the dust cover, and kept tightening until it felt like it made it to the bearings. Then I back it off just a smidge. I put the spacer and long nut on. Then I did the other side the same way. I had play with adjusting the cones so that I had equal amounts of axle exposed at the ends to fit into dropouts. I played with the adjustments of the cones, and managed to get the wheel to turn reasonably smoothly without have a ton of play.

If you do anything beyond very minor repairs on your bike, you are going to need some bicycle tools.

Bicycle tools I own:
Homemade Repair Stand

Park Shimano Freewheel Remover (FR-1)

Park Suntour Freewheel Remover (FR-2)

Park 15mm/16mm Cone Wrench (DCW-2C)

Park 13mm/14mm Cone Wrench (DCW-4C)

Park Crank Puller (CWP-6C)

Park Lock Ring Spanner (HCW-5)

Park Bottom Bracket Tool (BBT-2)

Park Chain Break tool (CT-5)

Park Chain Cleaning Kit (CG-2)

Pedro’s Bicycle Tire Levers

Crank Brothers Speed Lever

Park Truing Stand (TS-2)

Bicycle tools I want:
Park Cable Stretcher aka 4th hand tool (BT-2)

Park Cable & Housing Cutter (CN-10)

I would love to do a century bike ride (100 miles). I have never ridden anywhere close to that. I think the longest I have ridden was about 40 miles, and I toasted my knees. That was almost 20 years ago. But I am in much better shape these days. I have been doing some 10 mile rides, and they are pretty easy. And those are on my mountain bike. I think riding my road bike would take even less effort. I am in good shape, and have been doing lots of running. I am running a marathon in a little over a week from now.
I was in the local bike shop, and saw there is a bike riding event on August 25th (my birthday)! And the registration is $25 (plus I think they want you to donate money to a charity). 25 is my lucky number. It just seems to be calling me! I am scheduled to run a 32.6 mile ultramarathon in July, and run another marathon in September. This kind of fits between those. There are a handful of distances (100 miles, 100K, 50 miles, 25miles, 10miles). But it is the century bike ride that intrigues me. What concerns me is the 7500 of climbing. I haven’t done a lot of climbing. I think I will have to pull out my bike and start riding some hills. Maybe also do some longer distances. My wife isn’t up to riding very far yet. Her longest ride was 10.25 miles, and that was this last weekend. So I will have to go off on my own. I guess. And I will have to fit it in with my running. I may sign up for that 100 miler! :)

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