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My cyclocross conversion bike is basically done. But I saw on the other cyclocross bikes, they have an extra set of brake levers on the top of the bars. They are sometimes called cross levers. My one brake cable is just a little short anyway, and I was going to fix it. That requires untaping the handle bars part way, changing out the cable housing and probably replacing the cable itself with a slightly longer one. So I thought it might be cool to have a set of cross levers. I have been watching them on eBay, and I found a local seller. I manage to buy a pair for $12. They are cheap ones, but should work. I also saw a pair of cross levers at the local bike shop made by Specialized for $25. If I haven’t gotten a great deal on ebay from the local seller, I would have gone an gotten the Specialized levers.

I bought a Park truing stand! It is a TS-2, and I bought it off of eBay for $108 plus shipping. I have wanted a truing stand for a while. I have never built a wheel before, but I wanted to give it a shot. If could have bought a cheaper truing stand, but I like the stuff that Park makes. They make the stuff that bike shops use. I figure I can play with the truing stand, learning how to use it. If I never figure out how to true wheels, or build wheels, then I can always turn around and sell it for around what I bought it for.
I have a 700c wheel that came off my Trek 700. It was bent up pretty well. I have loosened up all the spokes. I am hoping to bend rim back into shape, and maybe true up the wheel again. Not sure if it is even possible. But I can always use the stand to true the unbent wheels on my various bikes as well.

I still have a Specialized Crosscroads frame, and a bunch of parts lying around, left over from building my cyclocross bife. Maybe I will play with it, and build it up into a usable bike. I can always put it back together as a hybrid. I can put the V-brakes on it from the Trek 700 (if they will work with the levers. The crankset on the Crossroads was bent, but I can use the cheap one from the Trek. About the only thing I think I might need would be a new back wheel. The back wheel I have is bent. I want to get a truing stand, and play with it. It’s messed up big time now, so I can’t hurt it. It will give me some experience. The front wheel is fine. I could build another cyclocross bike, but would I do with two cyclocross bikes?

I got a free bike computer last night. It’s an older used model with a wire, but hey, it was free. It came with the all the wires, a battery, and even zip ties ina Specialized tin can. The can said Specialized Speedzone Comp, and that it had 15 features. But I am not sure that the cyclocomputer that I got int he can was the same one originally came in the can. The only thing missing were instructions.
I put the battery in, and it worked, though it looked like one LCD element is out. Oh well. It is for the least significant digit. It booted up in KM/H mode. I played with pressing the buttons, and managed to get into different modes (avs,mxs,dst,odo,tm). But I couldn’t figure out how to change it from KM/H to MPH. With more playing, I figured out how to set the time. I found one mode where it looked like it was displaying the tire size, but I couldn’t figure out how to change it.
I went to Specialized’s website hoping to find a manual, but didn’t. I searched google, but didn’t find a manual. I found some instructions at Sheldon Brown’s website for a Specialized Speedzone, but they must have been for a different model as they didn’t work. My bike computer doesn’t even have aset button.
I played with it some more, but gave up and went to bed. This morning, I played with it some more, and did some more google searches. I found a review for a Specialized SpeedZone Pro bike computer. It is wireless, but looks similar to the bike computer I got. But it listed instructions of how to program the thing. I decided to try them, and they worked!!!!
The right button is the Mode button, and the left button is Function button. To change it from km/h to mph, I got into ODO mode by pressing the Mode button several times. Once in ODO mode, I had to hold the Function button down, and tap the Mode button. The km/h will flash. Toggle between the km/h and m/h modes button by pressing the Mode button. Press the Function button to save it. It also seems to allow you to edit the odometer reading. Press the mode button to skip to the next digit.
You can edit the tire size from the ODO mode too. Press and hold the Function button till it brings up the tire size screen. Tap the Function and Mode buttons at the same time to scroll through the different tire sizes. It seems that they are all either 26 inches, or 700c. But there is are a bunch of different widths. My wife’s mountain bike has 26×1.95 tires. I had to choose between 26×1.9 and 26×2.00. I went with the 26×1.9. Press the Function button to save the setting.
I got it all installed on her bike, so we will see how well it works. We might go for a ride tonight.

My wife and I went for a bike ride along the canal path. She on her mountain bike, me on my new homebuilt cyclocross bike. The first part was paved, but that gave way to a dirt path covered with fine gravel/sand. I opened the bike up, and had it up to 27mph on the dirt path. The path is relatively flat and level, and I had a slight tail wind. On the way back I had it up to 26mph on the pavement into the slight head wind. I was in high gear both times I got the speed up. I could have probably had it going faster is I have a bigger ring on the front. But the lower gearing is fine for what I will be doing with the bike.
While riding with my wfie, I had to consciously slow down as it was too easy to pull away from her, much more easy than on my mountain bike.
It was comfortable to ride. I really wasn’t aware of the biopace rings, other than when shifting. I will have to get used to the bar end friction shifters since my other bikes all have indexed shifting.
I will have to take the bike to the actual off-road duathlon race course sometime and see how it does. I think it will shave at least 5-10 minutes off my time for the 10 mile course. I don’t know.

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