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The rear wheel on the Trek 700 was pretty bent up when I bought it. I took it down to the local bike shop, but they said the rim was bent beyond repair. With nothing to lose, I played with it a little, loosening the spokes, and tweaking the rim around, and got it a little straighter. I want to get a truing stand, and see if I can get it relatively straight. Or maybe I will buy a new rim, and rebuild the wheel. It will be a learning process.
Meanwhile, I want to get the Trek 700 up and running. So I pulled the wheel off the Specialized Crossroads that I bought as a parts bike. It was also a 700c wheel. But Crossroads wheel had a 6 speed cassette, and the Trek wheel had a 7 speed cassette. So the Trek wheel had a longer axle. No problem, I would just swap the axles. I removed the axles, bushings, cones, and bearings from both wheels. The Specialized wheel was filthy, so I washed it in water and dish washing liquid. Then I cleaned all of the parts in paint thinner. I spread a bead of lithium grease in the bearing runs, and then put the wheels back together, except swapping the axles, bushings and cones between the wheels. I reinstalled the cassettes. Now the straight wheel that came from the Crossroads has the 7 speed cassette and fits perfectly on the Trek 700.
Tomorrow night I want to overhaul the front wheels. I am not sure if I will swap those wheels. The front wheels of both bikes are straight. The rim from the Specialized is stamp with the brand name Araya. The wheel from the Trek 700 had no label. So I am not sure if one wheel is better than the other, or if it is a wash.
The chain that was on the Trek was really rusty. I was going to clean it up, but after seeing that I can buy a brand new chain for under $10, I will just replace it.
Not sure about the tires yet. The tires that were on the Trek look kind of trashed. The tread is good (kind of knobbys), but the sidewalls look like they were ridden on with flat tires. The tires from the Specialized were more like road tires.

Breaking Away

Breaking Away

SUMMARY: Good movie. But I wish there were more cycling.

There aren’t a lot of cycling movies. Actually, I can only think of two that have much focus on cycling, and those Break Away, and American Flyers. They were both written by the same guy: Steve Tesich. Breaking away came out in 1979. American Flyers came out later in 1985. Between the two, I prefer American Flyers because it focuses more on the bike racing.
Breaking away is more about a group of four guys who are locals (cutters), and how they are going to deal with their future. It also deals with how they relate to the college kids at the nearby state college.
The main character Dave is fascinated by the Italian bike racing team. He wants to be just like them, and even speaks Italian. When the Italian team comes to race in a local race, he manages to keep up with them until one of the team shoves a tire pump into Dave’s spokes and he crashes. I loses his fascination with the Italians.
The last part of the movie is a bike race where the Cutters team is invited to race with the college teams. The race is a relay, but the plan is Dave will race the entire thing with his friends just being there. Dave crashes, and the other guys ride too. But Dave manages to get back on the bike with his feet taped to the pedals, and wins the race. The cycling that is in the movie is pretty good. I just wish there were more of it. The story is very good. It won an Oscar for the screen play and was nominated for several others.
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I think I have decided as far as a road bike, to find a nice vintage Trek road bike. I kind of regret having passed up the Trekk 400 that was on eBay over in Syracuse. I set up to bid $77, but it went for $108. I am not sure exactly what year or model I am looking for. Probably either a racing model, or a sport model. I am watching a few Treks on eBay, but the shipping would be an additional $50 or so. So depending what kind of price I can get. If I go with an older model, it will likely be a 10 speed. If I get a little newer, it might be 12 speed. There is a Trek 400 with the brake cables coming up and over the handlebars. There is a Trek 420 with the brake cables tucked away. It looks like an 18 speed. One think that bugs me is the wheels don’t match. It looks like the read wheel had been replaced. If I get a Trek, I think it would be cool to have it totally original. Kind of like a classic car. So I guess if I buy a vintage Trek, I would like to get a higher end bike, and all original. I will keep watching the ebay ads, and craigslist ads. I am not in a particular hurry.
Another bike that is listed on eBay is a Trek 370. It looks nice, but has BioPace chainrings. Not sure if the BioPace chainrings are original, or if I would even want the BioPace chainrings. I have read they are hard on the legs.

I won the auction for $20.50 and planned to pick it because it was local. But I was then informed by the seller that I had to pay $30 because they had already paid a guy to disassemble and box the bike. I was not too happy about that, and I am less so now. So that plus NY sales tax, I paid $54.66. I took the afternoon off from work yesterday, and headed over to pick it up. It was almost an hour and a half drive. The bike was boxed, It was actually multiple boxes taped together. The box would fit into my car, so I had then remove it from the box. The boxing job was very amateurish! They had removed one pedal, but probably should have removed both. The pedal, a bolt, and the quick release part from the from wheel were just floating around the box loose. Luckily they didn’t get thrown away. I was thinking I could use the bike for parts. But there aren’t too many parts on there that are better than what I already have on my Trek 700 MultiTrack. I might be able to use the rear wheel, but I don’t know yet. It has a 6 cog cassette on it, while my Trek has a 7 cog cassette. Not sure if I can swap them. I will try it. The bike was dirty, and not in good shape. The auction said the guy had tuned the bike before the auction. I am not sure what that means. The front brake isn’t even hooked up. It doesn’t look like anything was done with the bike. At this point, I will probably stick it off to the side. I need to get my garage cleaned out so I have room to work. Then I want to start cleaning up the Trek and see what I have to work with.

I was looking around on eBay for bikes and bike parts, and ran across a listing for a 2 year (22 issue) Bicycling Magazine subscription for under $4! Including shipping! Apparently they make enough from the advertisers to sell the magazine for that cheap. I have gotten a few older issues for free at the local library. Not sure how much I will read the magazine, but for only $3.95 for 2 years worth, I am sure I will read them enough to make it worthwhile. I wonder what other cheap subscriptions I can find…

This turned out to be a rip off! One of the few bad eBay auctions I have ever had. At least I was only out a few buck! But still!

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