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Tim Moore - French Revolutions: Cycling the Tour de France

French Revolutions: Cycling the Tour de France by Tim Moore

SUMMARY: Author rides the route of the 2000 Tour De France course. More of a travelogue than a book about cycling.

I got this book from the library thinking it would be about riding in the Tour De France. It turned out to be written by a magazine editor who rode the 2000 Tour De France course before that actual race. He of course rode it much slower, on a bag equipped with panniers. He did skip a couple very small portions such as the last part of the climb up one of the grueling hills on the course. But the book is less about cycling, and is more of a travelogue. So the book was a little bit of a disappointment. I thought it was actually going to be by a Tour De France Competitor, and I thought it was going to be more about cycling. The book was also slow in spots. There were times when I considered skipping the rest of the book, and going on to another. But I stuck it out.
It did reinforce my goal never to travel to France. Such as when he tried to take his bike on the train, and they forced him to take it off totally ignoring the fact that there was a little bike symbol on their train schedule.
I was also disappointed when the author mentioned that after his trip, he put the bike out with his kids bikes and that the chain was rusting, and the bike was gathering cobwebs. What a waste of a nice bike.
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I am reconsidering the Trek 700 with the bent rear wheel. If it is still available, I may try to pick it up for $50. I emailed the guy, but haven’t gotten a reply back yet. It could be fun to play with. For only $50, I can really play with it. I can pull the back wheel of, and try to straighten it. If I can’t straighten it, I could always replace it. Maybe look at replacing the front handlebars with road bike type handle bars with drops. I could take it out to the course where the duathlon was held, and see what kind of time I can ride versus my mountain bike. I think it could be significantly faster on the crushed gravel path, and on the hard packed dirt trail. Not sure how it would handle in the soft sticky mud with the narrower tires.
It would kind of suck to have passed up the bike, then decide I want it, and not get it. Oh well. I might still get it. It’s a project bike and many people might not be into that.

I got a letter in the mail the other day thanking me for racing the duathlon last month. It also mentioned that they has intended to have water bottles in out goody bags, but they weren’t ready at the time. Now they were ready and I could pick up mine at the local bike shop. So I headed down there last night. I hadn’t been to this bike shop yet, so I wanted to see what they had. I looked around and saw only mountain bikes. I guess with a name like Trailblazers, that is what they specialize in. The guy got my water bottle. I asked about road bikes, and he said there were more bikes upstairs. So I went up, and sure enough there were some road bikes up there. The carried Fuji, Bianchi, and Kona. I recognized Fuji and Bianchi, but not Kona. The guy came up, and we talked about bikes. He told me all about frames, and materials, and components, etc. Many of the bikes were on sale and he is trying to clear out the 2006 models for the 2007 models. The least expensive bike was $399 and was a Fuji Newest 3.0. But I could get a Fuji Newest 1.0 for about $600.
They also had cyclocross bikes. They would be great for racing the off-road duathlon. But I don’t want to spend that kind of money just to improve my time a little in a single local race. I am still looking at a used hybrid. I think a hybrid might do well also.
I am still not sure what I want. I am not sure if I want to spend $600, or $300, or find a great deal on an older bike for $100. I am not in any hurry.

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