I found this 1997 GT LTS-5 dual suspension mountain bike at a thrift store for $50. But I had a coupon, so it only cost me $40.

Thrift Store GT LTS-5

Here is a video of the bike before I did any clean up on it.

The rear elastomer shock was totally junk. So I took it apart to see how it worked, and how I might fix it:

I figured out that I could use the shock from an LTS-3 with some modifications. Here is a video of how I did it:

Next, the fork boots were ripped and torn. I couldn’t easily get exaction replacements, so I replaced them with Lizard Skins Boots which are made from Neoprene:

And the grips were worn and also ripped. I bought some pulled grips at my local bike shop for $5 and installed those:

The work continues. I still need to replace the shifter and brake cables/housings. And I need to true the rear wheel. Then I am about done.