It is a 1969 Raleigh with rod brakes. It says “Made in England”. I am still researching the model, but I think it is either a Tourist or Superbe. I am leaning to it being a Tourist. I bought it off of eBay for $81, and am going to clean it up, and ship it to my dad.
He had bought a bike like this years ago, and gave it to me to clean up for him. I never had a chance to do much with it. It was still at my mom’s house when I moved out. When we later cleaned out my mom’s house, the bike was gone. I think one of my brothers may have sold it for beer money. But my dad still mentions the bike now and then. When I saw this on ebay being sold by a local seller, I bid and won it. It needs a little bit of work, but is in much better shape than the other bike.

1969 Raleigh Bicycle made in England with rod brakes

The front brake pads are missing. But I can buy those. I have seen some pictures, and it looks like some similar bikes have some sort of extensions the project the front brakes slightly forward, but this bike doesn’t have them. Not sure if it didn’t have them, or they are missing. I don’t think I will need them.