My wife decided to go for a ride along the canal path. I planned to go from Canal Park to Genesee Valley Park, a distance of just over 10 miles round trip. This would be my wife’s longest ride so far. So I mounted the bike rack, and loaded up the bikes.
When we got to the park, I was unloading the bikes. The bike rack is made by Bell. There are little rubber rests that the bikes sit on. They tend to slide, or at least one of them does. Anyway, I noticed my bike had slid into my wife’s bike, and a bolt on her brakes scratched the crap out of my frame in one spot! :(
After getting over the scratches (well, mostly over…), we went for a leisurely 10.25 mile ride. We were passed often by other cyclists. That’s okay though. My wife did great. In fact, when we reached the halfway point, she seemed like she wanted to continue. But I told her let head back. I didn’t want her to overextend herself for one thing. Another thing was that I had worn shorts, and a muscle shirt, and it had gotten cold out. I wished I had worn pants and a sweatshirt. But oh well. We headed back to the starting spot and headed home.