I needed to run an errand when I got home from work last night. I got home at 5:30, and the store closed at 6pm. I decided to take my bike. I changed quickly, jumped on the bike, and headed off. The store was farther than I thought. It was close to 5 miles away. I could have sworn it was clsoer. But I got there at about 5 minutes to 6, and managed to buy the sewing machine belt that my wife needed. I threw the belt into the pocket of my shorts, and began the ride home. The ride was hilly. But there was a big downhill at the beginning, which translates into a big climb at the end. Up until the big climb, I did the entire ride on the big chainring, though I probably should have shifted down to the small ring in a few places.
I got to the big hill, and shifted into the lowest gears. I slogged my way up. I just looked and saw that I only actually climbs 225 feet on that last hill, but it does it in about half a mile.
I am going to die on that 100 mile century ride next month! I need to ride my bike more! This weekend I am running an 32.6 mile ultramarathon (an extreme trail run through the Adirondacks). But next week I will start riding my bike more. I need more saddle time. I will start riding my bike for trips to the store and such.